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/int/ - I wish I was french. Imagine being born in the cou...
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2075 2075
I wish I was french. Imagine being born in the country of Leon Bloy, Stendhal, Balzac, Flaubert, Victor Hugo and so incredible men.
>> 2076
so many*
>> 2077
You could also be born in the land of Houellebecq, Zemmour and Frederic Lefebvre.
>> 2086
Well yes, we may not have conquered whole north america like Anglos, but we have great thinkers.
All continents have mortal enemies,
- China / Japan
- India / Pakistan
- Israel / Iran
- France / UK
The loser always has time for thought.
>> 2087
Australia / Emus
Russia / European dictators
>> 2099
Which country are you from, OP?
>> 2100
You are not the only one... sometimes I catch myself reading the memoirs of the penitents of Port-Royal, imagining how good it must have been to be french (;´c`)