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The political situation has forced me to write song about the changes in my country.
Politicians steal, people live in shit and everyone is afraid to say something.
It's not about the Paris riots in 2018, it's about feeling free in this gray prison.

I am from Russia.

Why may 1968?

The fact is that young people in Russia are starting to understand how bad things are happening with their country. It seems to me that in Paris there was something like that.

I was on anti-corruption demonstrations, but many people are just afraid to participate in this, because an authoritarian state machine destroys everyone
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  Sorry, here is this song
>> 1507
There has to be a shepherd to guide the sheep. You, or someone will have to take lead. Revolutions have to have figureheads. The challenge is for those leading to stay true to the cause,to be selfless in the face of temptation.