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1972 1972
Linca allowed herself to be transported into another planet within the window of Jasolyn’s soul. She was scared of the wonderful kind of joy blossoming wishing her as Jasolyn approached her until their faces were less than an inch apart. The kind of joy only once thought possible in the afterlife.
But how could Linca? They were both very much alive. Jasolyn’s very door only obstructed by the glasses which blocked Linca from her path. And yet Jasolyn’s confidence destroyed these boundaries. This once the telekinetic inside of her followed Linca’s whim by removing her glasses. Linca’s heart skipped a beat. How were the resplendent shadows of Jasolyn’s ocean THIS gorgeous within such a tide? Linca nearly blushed at the thought of keeping Jasolyn waiting. She closed her eyes in hopes of Jasolyn following suit. That’s when this same planet began to show its taste. Their lips exchanged tact, balancing and fighting the pros and cons of one another. Jasolyn wished to cherish the unfiltered Linca chained by her shy heart. Despite this Linca nevertheless tried mustering SOME courage to cement an impression.
It was Jasolyn’s knowledge of this jaguar in a Tabby’s layer which fed her growing appetite. She continued to exchange this repressed warmth as they walked towards the girl’s bathroom. Once inside Jasolyn multitasked and opened a diaper changing table as she lifted Linca’s shirt.
Linca could feel herself harden by a sudden heat. The very fire fanned by how snug yet glorious the thought of Jasolyn seeing her with nothing on. She never thought such a freedom could exist again.
They continued to exchange the strength from each other’s prodigious lips before Linca removed Jasolyn’s shirt. Jasolyn only kept the rhythm going as the former’s tongue began to unlock the zest within Linca’s own. Their taste buds met as their respective mouths sucked on one another.
Linca didn’t care if she wasn’t used to the taste of another girl anymore. Reason would still dictate her limits if common sense mattered anymore. While Jasolyn and Linca tongue wrestled the former began to remove her purple shoes with uncomfortable adrenaline as she neither wanted to untie her shoes nor remove her socks separately. It was when the ground pushed its cold surface towards her bare feet that Jasolyn, without warning, rested Linca’s pulsating back onto the diaper changing table. Linca was at first perplexed at Jasolyn’s pause in their own kissfest before looking up. Jasolyn didn’t hesitate to lower her jeans and step out of them before returning to the white-haired girl. Jasolyn kissed her throat, releasing the REAL feline from Linca once the latter began to feel the former’s hands undo her bra. The very sweat drip down from the plaid pink of her nipples nearly made Jasolyn blush despite Linca being too caught up in the former’s moves to care. The tears from what Linca assumed would be horror turned out to be that same perspiration that represented Linca’s indifference.
Jasolyn kissed the rings of Linca’s teats before returning to her reddening visage. She continued to caress her mouth with softer kisses before Linca chose to return the favor and proceeded to undo Jasolyn’s bra. This excited Jasolyn and impulsed her to remove the hairband, allowing her sunny mane to rival Linca’s length. After Linca looked away from the image of Jasolyn practically transforming into such a vixen she took it up another notch and flipped their bodies over until Linca was on top. Just as the blonde’s expectations had been exceeded enough Linca moved Jasolyn’s panties down to her heels.
She slid down to Jasolyn’s bare waist and took a mental picture of Jasolyn’s bare sex and stuck her mouth into it. She rubbed her tongue into the opening, searching for her cervix. Jasolyn strained a sigh as Linca’s once frail yet delicious tongue tasted like promise at last delivered. Soon Jasolyn’s sighs evolved into into weak squeals as the sensation of her clit being manifested like this almost made Linca’s somewhat weak resolve contagious. Linca valued the advantage and undid her shoelaces before swiftly removing her sneakers. She ignored her socks and skipped to her skirt by removing it out of her person, panties practically glued to them as they slid just as down. Linca cherished Jasolyn’s willpower to hold this climax down as the former returned to the table and licked the latter’s lips. Despite this borderline emotional instability Jasolyn was all too good at hiding Jasolyn was naught but devoted to satiating willing epicenter. She rose enough to hold Linca’s inhaling ribcage as she turned her around. They switched spots once more as Jasonlyn carefully laid Linca flat on her belly. It was a special sort of ache for Jasolyn to harbor seeing Linca like this. Vulnerable yet innocent compared to her sprightly yet licentious being.As if it wasn’t enough that she was laid like an equally naked infant with a table to match. Jasolyn wanted Linca to share this wonderful struggle by containing such undeserved ecstasy. Linca felt those same forceful yet caring lips emerge, with tongue, on the back of her neck as the latter began slowly licking down her back, making sure every synapse activated. It was when that tongue reached the closing of Linca’s large buttocks that the heat from the blood of the latter’s intimacy scorched her face. Yet it wasn’t until Jasolyn’s tongue touched down the white-haired girl’s own slit that Linca felt uncontrollably stiff. Unlike Linca, Jasolyn was far from a newcomer to this. Jasolyn kneaded Linca’s stomach as she dampened the many pulsating openings of Ms. Loud. It was the warm, soft touch of Jasolyn’s digits when Linca started to clench her eyes close and shriek somewhat louder, if just as Intensified, as Jasolyn slithered her palm from Linca’s belly to her robust thighs, flexing with the whirlwind they caught themselves in. Linca squinted her eyes open as he best was no longer enough to keep it inside. Jasolyn released her own climax the moment Linca screamed hard enough to make the entire abandoned building they were in tumble down.
They both rested onto the surface next to each other. Jasolyn spooned Linca’s earnestly frail self as they took a good breather.