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/int/ - Learn Arabic
Fichier 157569391552.jpg - (29.56KB , 256x361 , 69j8r3mv5dk21.jpg )
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so who wants to learn Arabic


it server with natives and people trying to learn Arabic. it has a lot of amazing resources
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>> 1610
>Meanwhile Arabs are learning French
>> 1632

Aren't Arabs too busy teaching French girls how to take it in the ass that they can't learn French at all?
>> 1633
Fichier 158159489163.jpg - (407.77KB , 1907x2453 , Bilal-Hassani-la-revelation-d-une-popstar.jpg )
Admit that you'd dig an algerian princess ass too
>> 1634
Fichier 158160890410.jpg - (165.05KB , 800x993 , 10 out of 10 in france.jpg )

Or instead of being a homo with a homosexual immigrant in France I might opt for not being a homo. Like the Arab men who teach French girls how to take it in the ass.
>> 1635
Fichier 158161157039.jpg - (18.92KB , 450x317 , wqertasrgyhaseryas.jpg )
>instead of being a homo
Why? Have you ever thought about what homosexuals have brought to the world compared to the Finns?

>immigrant in France
I can't blame them to regret colonization.

>Like the Arab men who teach French girls how to take it in the ass
You got rejected by a mediterranean girl?

I must admit that northern men make better trans, i give you that.
>> 1636

> I can't blame them to regret colonization.

Oui, Muhammad.
>> 1638
dem man arms
>> 1653
Fags brought AIDs to the world, while Finns brought Spurdo. Nuff said.
>> 1654
Keep your cuckhold fetish for yourself
>> 1738
заткни ебало свое
>> 1739
Fichier 160055992885.jpg - (1.12MB , 1646x2160 , 16005461900360.jpg )