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/int/ - French anons, i am moving to Metz in May, therefor...
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French anons, i am moving to Metz in May, therefore i would like to ask you for help/advice on:

1) Job finding websites in France.
2) How is the process of naturalization by marriage with a french national
3) How to aquire a cheap car in France. Should i register it in another country?
4) Internet providers in the Metz area.
5) Catholic churches that still uses the tridentinean rite in the Metz area.
6) French courses for foreigners in the Metz area. If possible, government sponsored ones.

Please assist me. I want to assimilate. :3
>> 1277
1) offre-emploi.monster.fr ; indeed.fr ; pole-emploi.fr/region/grand-est/index.html
2) You have to be married for 4 or 5 years. Do you want it just for the papers? You don't want to break one of our women's heart, do you?
3) What is cheap to you? You can find cars under 1k€, if you have enough trust in yourself and the seller
4) I'm using Orange and I don't live really far from Metz. It's ok, if you live the city itself, you might find something cheaper though.
5)I've just found this on google:
>Eglise de l'Immaculée Conception de Queuleu : 47, rue des Trois Evêchés
>Messes : dimanche 9h00 (hors vacances scolaires)
>Célébrant : Prêtre du diocèse
>Renseignements : 03 87 65 71 03 (Presbytère)
6) Maybe if you try to find where's the portuguese community in metz, they might help you. I know those from Reims, but we're not on good terms.

Why do you want to come here? How old are you? Are you the one from cable6 who was looking to join the foreign legionnaires?
>> 1278
Ask your girlfriend instead of spamming imageboards.
Or maybe you don't have a girlfriend.
>> 1279
You better begin to learn French on your own right now because don't expect people there to speak any English.
Metz is beautiful, people are nice, they speak with a strong Germanic accent so you'll have to get used to it.

If you can, avoid getting a car. Getting a job is a pain in the ass, consider freelance or entrepreneurship. Internet providers are the same in the whole country and are all reliable though expensive. For French courses, you may want to ask the town hall services.
>> 1280
>Metz is beautiful, people are nice, they speak with a strong Germanic accent so you'll have to get used to it.
Ce troll
>> 1281
> reliable though expensive
Really? Compared to where? Romania?
It's a honest question -- I'm back from the USA and the situation over there is pretty terrible -- twice the cost, half the service.