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/int/ - Vous ete Charlie?
Fichier 144678811211.jpg - (45.28KB , 388x480 , Shame.jpg )
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Bonjour, Je suis russe. I'd want to say "Shame on you, plonkers". Because you are Charlies.
>> 1076
Another butthurt by Charlie.
>> 1077
Prends une kalch' et viens tirer sur deux ou trois bonshommes, ça te fera du bien et puis ça permettra aux français de se solidariser derechef.
>> 1078
For me it looks like you french have a lot of challenges to accept and solidarize, but obviously you can wait for a russian with le kalch. Just keep drawing.
>> 1080
This drawing is not to make fun of the Russian victims, but to make fun of the "Air Cocaine" case happening in France (private property jets used for trafficking cocaine ; fun fact, Sarkozy personnaly hired one of thoses planes).
There is no problem if you got angry because you did not understand French language.
But you probably hate us anyway because of gay marriage.
And even if you don't understand or choose not to understand, remember that we're not making public scandals everytime Russia lies about France in drawings, so take it easy.
>> 1081
>This drawing is not to make fun of the Russian victims
Maybe you're right. I hope so.
>But you probably hate us anyway because of gay marriage.
I'm not a gay myself, but support gay marriages because that's a personal matter of a couple. On the other hand a lot of russians hate gay-parades and so one and so one. They are barely have seen a real gay parade but anyway, lol, they hateы it just because of propaganda and Gulag's level of mass-culture in Russia.
>> 1108
Oh wait, you really think people care about Charlie Hebdo ?
>> 1110
Yep, at least in Russia.
>> 1111
>> 1112
Mamku tvoyu ebal
>> 1116
Bonjour mon russe ami
>> 1117
>> 1118
kto eto tut rugaetsja? marsh do hatji!
>> 1119
Je veux te baiser.
>> 1124
Привет пацаны! Как дела?
>> 1126
Tres bien.
>> 1129
Cосем во всех частях света, судьба такая.