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/int/ - International
Fichier 159709103946.jpg - (99.22KB , 1200x675 , me_rn.jpg )
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Grumpy greetings from

Fichier 157077179346.jpg - (293.72KB , 1064x798 , Nobody loves you LOL.jpg )
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Где мой кохлчан, сучечки?
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>> 1684

Ты откуда?
>> 1703
Говно, а не борда. Гоу на доброчан.
>> 1705
Всех русских выгнали из франции

Fichier 159631278467.png - (237.64KB , 899x540 , 8channel.png )
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8channel is back!
>> 1704
>> 1707
  it's 8channel.cat now.

Fichier 159630548081.jpg - (1.52MB , 2000x4600 , 1537311042685.jpg )
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What is the demographics of acrimonie? Mostly men or women? leftist or rightist? age? Just curious
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>> 1696
TdM isnt the one posting DOIs
>> 1699
Yes, he is, he is one of his identities, like you, Lordon-kun.
>> 1702
I thought TdM = Lordon-kun = I but apparently there is more to that

Fichier 159492922219.png - (1.23MB , 5794x1000 , 1531917177492.png )
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what are french peoples opinion on their former african colonies?
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>> 1697
Est-ce que tu sais que j'en ai strictement rien à branler ?
>> 1700
Vrai homme ne se questionne pas sur son paradigme, vrai homme montre que son opinion prévaut sur celle de la plèbe.
>> 1701
C'est pas une "bonne" raison, c'est "ma" raison pour laquelle j'ai jamais vraiment été perméable au racisme. Aujourd'hui ma conscience est structuré par une analyse matérialiste et critique du colonialisme, merci de t'en préoccuper.

Fichier 159188558015.jpg - (35.63KB , 1024x833 , 1527278332161.jpg )
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greeting from taiwan
>> 1687
>> 1692
drugs are good

Fichier 159245026498.png - (62.77KB , 469x469 , 1.png )
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Hi, my French friends! I came to you from the Ukrainian imageboard Nichan.
We recently restored our /int/, so we want to invite you to visit us.
No, this is not advertising.
We will be glad to see guests in Nichan. Thanks in advance.
>> 1675
Fichier 159338598676.jpg - (30.86KB , 568x369 , Ukrainians probably don't know this fe.jpg )
Please translate your parasha first.
>> 1677
Ничан мертв, а вот кропивчан

Fichier 158179294188.jpg - (945.01KB , 1000x702 , EQwjAB4WAAcdDJp.jpg )
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A French girl won the title of Miss Universe this year.
>> 1669
Genial :)
>> 1670
OP is butthurt nazi
>> 1673
Oha 1 Neger :o

Fichier 159146584699.jpg - (42.94KB , 530x444 , 1506401824-baho_fakty-pro-film-borat.jpg )
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Bonjour à tous! Je m'appelle Borat. Je viens du Kazakhstan.

Fichier 159096835614.jpg - (148.03KB , 2500x1233 , licky_873629_full_png.jpg )
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Cute Discord alternative :)

Fichier 158878621565.png - (9.83KB , 298x298 , 1295975662002.png )
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>> 1665
Nice countryball
>> 1666
hi omsk bird
>> 1667
how u doing ukraineball?
did Chernobyl forest stop burning?
have u rekt russian forces in donbass?

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  About the most I can gather is this:
"Le vent qui souffle dans les arbres de la bohème des guerriers.
Dans les colonnes des temples de marbre, nous invitent tous à la lutte"

Could you help transcribe the rest of this song? Thanks.
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>> 1661
2 years later he still mad
>> 1662
I am not mad, by reading >>1660 I realised i was wrong so I began transcribing the song, alas it got deleted :( :( :(
>> 1663
Why am i firebird now

Fichier 157569391552.jpg - (29.56KB , 256x361 , 69j8r3mv5dk21.jpg )
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so who wants to learn Arabic


it server with natives and people trying to learn Arabic. it has a lot of amazing resources
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>> 1638
dem man arms
>> 1653
Fags brought AIDs to the world, while Finns brought Spurdo. Nuff said.
>> 1654
Keep your cuckhold fetish for yourself

Fichier 158602776188.gif - (1.28MB , 320x240 , AggravatingSereneBudgie-small.gif )
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Ok, sorry if I may have said anything Anit-Semitic in Arbitraire, but let me put it this way:

Jewish people and Christians (of any branch) are like Patrick and Spongebob. We Atheists are like Squidward.
>> 1652
Which post?
You can criticize every religion, but were you disrespectful of the people?
And even then, if in its majority this board is full of leftists, we're still used to 4chan-like hatred towards jews. I mean, the left also has its own antisemitism.

Fichier 158570814928.jpg - (297.06KB , 2244x1038 , imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-MXBw78Kg7aDWCJ.jpg )
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Welp, I just spent hours on drawings I ended up ripping to pieces and flushing down the toilet anyway.

One took me at least 6 hours and had Evil Flippy, from HTF, fused with an atomic explosion, about to fuck shit up in some village. (it should be noted he had razor-sharp teeth and was mimicking a pose from a painting I had done around 2 years ago inspired by Bosch)

The other one took me at most 2 hours and was a pointillist drawing of good Flippy in a white abyss, floating next to a prepubescent black girl, who was very much naked, with poetic words above their heads.

They were both based on this absurdist fanfiction I wrote a few days ago...

...maybe I SHOULD return to comics. -_-